[Relationship] What Happens To Your Brain When You Are In Love?

1.You have butterflies in your stomach because your brain is in fight or flight mode

When you have crush your brain releases norepinephrine which is a chemical that is related to alertness and decision making, this same chemical is connected to your flight or fight reflex.

 Your brain reacts by telling your body to send more blood (and adrenaline) to your head, heart, and lungs. Which leaves very little for your stomach and that is where the feeling of “butterflies” comes from.

2.When you are beginning to fall in love your brain is essential high on cocaine.

Okay not exactly, but pretty close levels of dopamine ‘happy hormone’ are higher when you are beginning a new relationship. Dopamine also causes higher concentration, attention and less sleep, that is why you are up late thinking about Mr. New Man. The release of dopamine also happens when you ingest cocaine or gamble.

3.Your brain makes you obsess over the other person.

While you fall in love the levels of serotonin drastically drop which makes you a bit obsessive.

4.Cuddling and kissing tells your brain to trust the person.

Spending time together and physical contact like kissing and cuddling releases the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin which promote trust.

Love has a whole chemical process behind it a heartbreak also feels like physical pain like the chemicals released are the same as when you are literally physically hurt.

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