[Relationship] Is It Okay To Marry Someone Of A Different Religion?

Love is blind but there are some things that love or rather people in love cannot be blind to. 

Religion is one of those things. 

In a country like Nigeria where the people are super religious and very God-conscious (not necessarily Godfearing), religion plays a huge part when it comes to relationships and marriages in general. 

Most marriages here are between two people who share the same religion. Most. 

Then there are also those who have interfaith marriages. 

Interfaith marriage is a marriage between spouses who practice different religions. 

Is it right for a Christian to marry someone of a different religion? 

This is the issue at hand and it is a tricky question because it doesn’t have a simple Yes or No answer. 

So let’s dig into the complexity of this subject. 

We must first understand that marriage is an institution that exists outside the religious space. You must not necessarily marry in the church for your marriage to be legitimate. 

As a matter of fact, court weddings are still the most recognized and accepted weddings in the courts and in foreign countries. 

The Bible has a strong stand when it comes to interfaith marriages and that stand is NO. 

 “Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers” (2 Cor. 6:14) This scripture makes it clear that Christians should not even bother to get involved with sinners at all. 

But there is also a tricky issue of people who were unbelievers when they got married and are now Christians. 

What do they do?

Do they divorce their non-Christian spouses? 

The New Testament never suggests, even remotely, that marriage pertains only to Christians (cf. Heb. 13:4). 

So with this in mind, it is clear that a marriage between a former unbeliever and a present unbeliever is still a marriage in the eyes of God. 

If one finds him or herself in a marriage of that nature, he or she should work very hard to convert the unbelieving companion to the Lord (1 Cor. 7:12, 1 Pet. 3:1). This might prove difficult but with the grace of God, anything is possible. 

According to research, couples in interfaith marriages are, on average, less happy than same-faith ones.

That said, Christians are free to marry whoever they want. It’s not a sin against God but the bible advises against it because it will DEFINITELY make your walk with God much harder than it already was. 

What are your thoughts on this issue? 

Can you marry someone of a different religion?

Share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comments section. 

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