[Relationship] 5 Easy Ways To Reconcile With A Friend After A Quarrel

True friendships run deeper than most intimate relationships.

And when you quarrel with a friend who is close to your heart, the pain is similar to the one that comes with a breakup.

It even hurts more if it was your fault they left you.

But, if reconciling with that your friend is something you would love to do, but you don’t know how to go about it, then you are in luck.

Because we have 5 easy ways for you to reconcile with your friend.

1.Reach Out

Absence might make the heart grow fonder, but remember out of mind is out of sight.

Don’t wait for too long for them to stop being angry at you before you talk to them again. They might also be looking for ways to talk to you.

Don’t immediately bring up the issues that caused your fight, slowly warm up to it.

Start with a simple hello or hi. If they truly love you, they would reply to your messages.

2. Talk About The Issue

This part is should be inevitable to both parties, especially if you just want to move on from your fight.

Talk about what caused your quarrel, why you reacted the way you did and how their actions influenced your behavior.

It is not the time for you to play the blame game and push all the fault to their angle. They have feelings too and it is important that you consider them.

Both of you should be given an equal opportunity to talk about your feelings and thoughts. Do this free of judgment and disbelief.

3. Apologize

An apology doesn’t take much out of you and friendships are worth more than pride.

Even if you feel that you weren’t at fault or they hurt you too, just apologize to them. This will make them feel better and also disarm their anger towards you.

Always apologize, whether they talked to you first or you talked to them first.

4. Reach A Resolution

If you truly love them and feel that your friendship is worth it, then your primary aim after airing your grievances is too reconcile.

Do this by finally resolving the issue. 

Everyone would have poured out their heart to each other freely and all that is left to do is fix the wounds.

Tell them that you are sorry and would like to be friends again. Show them with your words and actions, that you are ready to move on from the quarrel.

5. New Beginnings

By step 2, you two would have already opened up on the factors causing your fight.

In step 5, what you need to do is come with plans to ensure that those problems won’t be repeated. And to also reach an understanding.

If the issue is that you don’t hang out with them enough then make plans to see each other often.

And if it is that they don’t reply to you on time, then understand why and make new and convenient times to chat.

Whatever the issue is, find ways to handle them.

Guaranteed, friendships are a lot of work. But two friends who really love each other will do anything to stay together.

When reconciling with your friend and you find out that they no longer want to be friends or you don’t want to be friends, then it is better for two of you to end the friendship.

Reconciliation is a wholehearted decision by both of you.

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