[Relationship] 12 Reasons Why Your Woman Disrespects You

Lots of men say what they want from a woman is respect. What many men don’t realize is that women respect men they admire. So do you do admirable things?

1. When you hit her, she will not admire you. The respect will slowly go.

2. When you rape her or force your own wife to have sex with you, she will not admire you. Respect will go.

3. When you slap her and mishandle her in public or before the children, she will not admire you. You are not a good role model to your son.

4. When you flirt with other women, she will not admire you. Don’t expect her to respect you the same.

5. When you show laziness and let her to shoulder the financial responsibility as you sit drinking or watching TV, she will not admire you. She respects effort, not laziness.

6. When you cheat on her, admiration for you goes to the point that even being near you is a painful experience for her.

7. When you silence her voice and dreams and want her to do as you have commanded, she will not admire you. Bullies get no respect.

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8. When you act like you don’t need her, making decisions on your own, her admiration for you will dwindle, there is nothing to look forward to with you.

9. When you join your mother to hurt her and belittle her, she will not admire you. She did not agree to come live with you and take your name to be mistreated.

10. When you keep using the family money on betting, women or alcohol, she will get fed up with you.

11. When you keep lying to her and she keeps finding out the truth, her respect will dwindle.

12. When you display corrupt traits in your character to the point that she feels she needs to protect your children from your bad behaviour, she will respect you less.

When respect completely goes, the woman will soon start to despise you. Many women are married to men they despise and are tolerating their husbands. Gentlemen, we don’t want to be with a woman who tolerates us but rather a woman who celebrates our greatness. Are you displaying that greatness? Before you use Scripture to demand her to respect you as a wife, ask yourself if you are using Scripture to love her and mould your character. If you did you would be honourable and admirable, her respect would come naturally. Respect is a byproduct of admiration. Before you demand it from your woman, ask if you are admirable, do you even admire yourself as a man? If you find yourself demanding respect, something is wrong.

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